Chaddy fc Blacks u7 Match report 25/2/18

26 Feb 2018 in Match Reports

Chaddy fc Blacks u7 Match report 25/2/18 Chaddy fc Blacks u7 Match report 25/2/18
Chaddy fc Blacks u7 v Heywood Jaguars u7
Trained well midweek for this game, the guys becoming more familiar with each other becoming good team mates.
1st game for for goalkeeper new boy charlie and mason took the captains armband.
Started really strong closing down heyside from the off ( we trained on this midweek)
Chaddy had plenty of the possesion throughout the match all over the field.
Heyside not given much oppertunity to get forward atall.
When they did and charlie was called upon he made their shots look weak gathering up the ball easily.
Mason and luke developing good partnership at the back clearing and passing the ball between themselves.
James joe and hasdibur all finding the soaces to create scoring oppertunities
James and hassibur both scoring hatricks
1 for joe and 2 goals for mason
When called upon darcey and simon played well, darcey running forward with the ball and simon almost scored his 1st goal hitting it wide.
Heysides 1 goal was lucky for them it was a good save from charlie hitting it onto the post but the ball rebounded hitting him on the back.
Dispites charlies best efforts to stop it going over the line heyside scores
Full time
Chaddy fc 11 - 1  Heyside

Player of the match Joe Batey


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