U10's at Salford Tournament

03 Dec 2018 in News

U10's at Salford Tournament U10's at Salford Tournament

Salford Tournament

The U10 Stripes and Hoops played together in a tounament in Salford on Sunday.


We were so proud of the boys, playing up a year against under 11s in a format they've never played before, with rules they've never played before, against teams who play it every week and on a much bigger pitch than usual. 4 games in total. 0-1, 0-0, 1-2 and 2-2. No wins but a school year is a big gap at this age. Almost two years of age seperating some players with a couple of our boys being August born.


Physically as expected we struggled and had to try and match them for power and strength which I think they all did well after the first game. We've seen the bits we need to work on with them ahead of next season and we will get them ready. Goals coming from Bailey and Ellis and first goal for Jayden.


Massively proud of you all fellas, we never expected to go there and win the thing and in all honesty we had our fingers crossed that we weren't going to go and get any hammerings. We go again next week back in the normal 7v7 games.


Thank you to all you mums and dad's for getting there today and standing about in the cold all day. See you all next week guys.


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