U10 Hoops v Moston Brook

17 Dec 2018 in Match Reports

U10 Hoops v Moston Brook U10 Hoops v Moston Brook

U10 Hoops v Moston Brook

Chaddy Hoops 5-0 Moston Brook

Goals - Hadiur x2, Ellis, Fatai and Bailey.

Team - Ryan, Fatai, Keyaan, Hadiur, Ellis, Arsalan, Bailey and Jayden.

Mom - Tough call but if I had to pick one out then Keyaan.

Perfect performance for two thirds of the game this afternoon from the Hoops. Passing at its finest, high pressure from restarts were perfect, defending was aggressive and done as a team and decision making the best I've seen this season. Final third the boys just wanted to try and score which is understandable but it took the pressure off Moston.

Keyaan and Fatai have formed an amazing partnership at the back and today they were unbreakable. The communication between them was great to watch with Hadiur sitting just in front of them bringing the ball out from the back. Worked like clockwork. The wide men Arsalan, Ellis and Jayden applied the high press whilst Bailey closed down the man in possession. Lost count the amount of times we forced mistakes from mostons defence. Ryan was almost a spectator with only a few moments to deal with and switched with Ellis for the final third to play as a defender and did really well in possession and decision making. Every player was fantastic in their role today. Few to mention for me from today are Jayden, Ellis and Keyaan. Jayden in his first season playing today produced his best performance and has slotted in perfectly with the boys, brave in possession and in the tackle he's improving every week. Ellis also in his first season has produced two fantastic performances this weekend and scored a great goal to give us a 1-0 lead. Finally my man of the match today Keyaan, another who is still relatively new to chadderton in his first full season, produced a near perfect display at cb today. His first touch of the game was to play a cushioned pass from a high ball and from there he was first to everything all game, showing some unbelievable first touches under pressure and fantastic awareness in his passes. Goals from Ellis and Hadiur were fantastic finishes, Fatais attitude of chase everything brought him a close range finish and Baileys three game goal drought brought to an end with the 5th goal. One thing that affects him is if he doesn't score and hopefully he will give himself a break from now on when he doesn't score. Well done boys today, great way to end the year.

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