U10 Stripes V Reddish Vulcans

11 Mar 2019 in Match Reports

U10 Stripes V Reddish Vulcans U10 Stripes V Reddish Vulcans

Now that my fingers have thawed out and my phone dried on the radiator, we can try a match report for the Stripes. What a morning ! There’s a lot to be said for moving games indoors :-)

A 1-1 draw for the lads v Reddish Vulcans in atrocious conditions, the football wasn’t flowing but they stuck at it despite driving rain and freezing wind. We always find it difficult with 10 players as it’s hard to maintain any consistency making 3 subs at a time. We could things differently, but in those conditions I think it’s only fair to try and limit the time on the sidelines to 5 or 6 mins so the boys don’t literally freeze waiting to come on. (That’s the parents job ! )

We started with Ryan in net, Tom and Zain at the back, Hadiur in midfield, Bailey up front and Ellis & Arsalan on the flanks. Ibrahim, Fatai and Elijah on the line.

It was a scrappy start and although we pressed well we went 1-0 down due to a breakaway goal and it stayed that way till a few mins before the break when a Hadiur through ball was put away by Bailey. 

1-1 at half time and that’s how it stayed to the end. Once again we dominated but few chances were created due to the weather conditions, it was hard enough fighting the wind. But special mention to Ellis who raced back and covered so well on a couple of occasions along with Ryan who made two top class saves despite being inactive in the cold for long periods. So they share the MOM award this week.

Tom nearly won it for us in the final minutes with a free kick their keeper did well to parry over the bar. I honestly thought it was in.

Hopefully better conditions next week when we can forget the weather and concentrate on the passing game which has served us well in the last few weeks.

Well done boys


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