U11 Reds 3-6 Waterloo Warriers

23 Oct 2021 in Match Reports

U11 Reds 3-6 Waterloo Warriers U11 Reds 3-6 Waterloo Warriers

U11 Reds lost 6-3, but considering it was a team in Division 4 (division above us now) they did really well. 

Team we were supposed to play cancelled so Waterloo Warriors kindly stepped in to fill the vacant spot. 

The boys played some good football at times, passing and staying in position well. But the difference was the energy and accuracy of passing in the other team. We were a little slow sometimes and drifted out of positions, when we did they took full advantage and scored. 

MOTM was Kiki for his determination and guile on the ball. 

Must say we played the offside trap brilliantly 14 offsides.

Well done boys!


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