U8 Blacks v Springfield

28 Jan 2019 in Match Reports

U8 Blacks v Springfield U8 Blacks v Springfield

U8 Blacks v Springfield Monsoon

Chadderton fc U8 Blacks V Springfield Monsoon.
Today's game was like a cup final, end to end attacking from both teams.
Luke scored the 1st goal of the game playing as captain, but was cancelled out Springfield equalising.
Every time chaddy scored they got back into the game.
At times chaddertons shape was questionable, and were caught too often with no defender at the back which cost us.
2 hand balls which hasn't happened this season gave away a free kick and penalty that's was scored.
They were in unknown territory when they went behind at 5-4.
And I would of been happy with a draw from the lads at this point.
The goal came, I gave instruction to play it safe and keep shape, but the boys attacked and gained a corner.
I shouted to the ref how long left. ( 30 seconds).
Luke crossed the ball in, perfect cross, joe was moving around in the box, and converted.
Final whistle.
Winning streak continues
Chaddy 6-5 springfield
Scorers today
2 for James
1 each for Mason, luke, Hassibur and joe
Joe was chosen MOTM - by the parents
Also today I unveiled the clubs 1st team sponsor to the boys and parents.
Classic Joinery Ltd
Will be the teams sponsor for the remainder of the season and also 2019/2020


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