U8 Reds v Tintwistle

08 Apr 2019 in Match Reports

U8 Reds v Tintwistle U8 Reds v Tintwistle

U8 Reds v Tintwistle

Chadderton u8 Reds 6

Tintwistle Athletic       4
The comeback Kings strike again  !!
The boys have more comeback wins than The Great Muhammad Ali !
From 1-3 down to 6-4 winners, they seem to enjoy the 'rope a dope' strategy to then retaliate and come out victorious!
Tyson Fury as goalkeeper, I mean Chris, took an early tough 3 rounds but was still standing and then came out victorious, blocking and clearing the goal line. A great game. Supported by the busy, workmanlike Manny Pacquaio, (Zak) who never stopped running a clearing the ball and nearly landed his own knockout blow with his shot on goal pushed wide.
'Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee' was Adam as he danced around the opposition passed, the ball and scored a fantastic 4 goals.
Watching Gerard, Harley and Adam surge forward destroying the opposition was like watching Mike Tyson in his hey day. Adams goals supported by a quick one, two from Harley and Gerard. Lethal !
And as Ali said, "If you work hard in training the fight is easy" ! The Angelo Dundee team of footy coaching, Tom and Nanu prepare their team well and half time talks must be fantastic.
Was Muhammad Ali talking about Chaddy u8 Reds when he said:
"It's hard to be humble when your're as great as I am" and "if you even dream of beating me you'd better wake up and apologise" !
Great team effort boys !! 


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